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 “Rectifire Shotgun Choke Tubes”

     Rectifire’s Extended Choke Tubes are designed and manufactured, in our facility, with exceptional quality to our standards that will exceed all of your expectations. We have over 55 combined years of design and manufacturing expertise that will be an advantage for you when you purchase our products. All of our Chokes are produced on CNC computer contolled equipment to precise tolerances that provide our customers with continued success while “On The Hunt” or “Competitive Shooting” as well. Rectifire guarantee’s our customers will receive the highest quality available.

     Rectifire’s Chokes are manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel with a conical-parallel internal design. All of our testing has proven this to be the superior design to date. We offer three different Series of Extended Chokes with an exclusive “Rectifire” design to choose from. All Rectifire Chokes will extend 2″ out of the barrel.


  1. The extended portion of our Cyclone Chokes have helical slotted ports that will slow the shot wad allowing better shot patterns, reduce recoil (minimal) and help you “Stay-On-Target”.
  2.  Works well with lead Turkey, Buckshot, and steel Waterfowl loads.
  3. These are best used with ammo that Do Not have Flight Control Wads (Federal Not Recommended).
  4. Our Cyclone Chokes are for use in Single Barrel Shotguns Only.


  1. The extended portion has a Diamond design engraved on them and are Non Ported.
  2.  Works well with any shot type… lead, steel, tungsten, bismuth, etc…
  3. These work well with ammo that have Flight Control Wads (Federal).
  4. Our Diamond Series are for use in Single & Double Barrel Shotguns.
  5.  Best Choke Series for Competition.
  6.  Best all around Choke Series.


  1. The extended portion has a unique Spade Ports that is specifically designed to cut the Flaring Petals off the Flight Control Wad. This results in tighter patterns at further distances.
  2.  Spade Series are only offered in Turkey constrictions.
  3. These work well with ammo that have Flight Control Wads (Federal). Also pattern tight with lead loads and hand loaded TSS.
  4. Our Spade Series are for use in Single Barrel Shotguns Only.


All Chokes are constricted based on the Basic Muzzle Bore (B-M-B) of the firearm. Rectifire offers 15 Choke Sizes in 10 Gauge, 18 Choke Sizes in 12 Gauge, and 15 Choke Sizes in 20 Gauge for each of the OEM’s Choke Tube System(s) of their firearm(s). Starting at .660 (10G), .640 (12G), or .555 (20G) thru B-M-B, and with a few exceptions, We offer the -.005 Choke (Beretta/Benelli Mobil Choke, etc.).

Rectifire’s Standard Constriction Is Listed Below.


.000 (CY) Cylinder

.005 (SK) Skeet

.010 (IC) Improved Cylinder

.015 (LM) Light Modified

.020 (M) Modified

.025 (IM) Improved Modified

.030 (LF) Light Full

.035 (F) Full

.040 (XF) Extra Full

.045 (XXF) Double Extra Full

.050 (XXXF) Triple Extra Full

(All constrictions are specified on Rectifire’s Part # Page for each Choke System. This can be found on the Shop Page of our website.

     Rectifire currently offers 4-Finishes for our Chokes. (1) Natural & (2) Black Oxide are stocked here at Rectifire. (3) Cerakote HT-Black & (4) Camo may require additional processing time as these Chokes may not be in stock. Cerakote and Camo are Not Available in Spade Series Chokes.

     The detailed information provided on the Part # Page of each OEM’s Choke Tube System(s) will help get you started with the right Choke for your Hunting-Shooting Adventure. Rectifire has identified the best choice for our Chokes based on data collected from testing our Chokes in our firearms. You may get better results by changing Choke size, brand shells, shell length, or pellet size (occasionally, it may be necessary to change firearms). Rectifire strongly suggest that you pattern your firearm, with our Chokes, to find the best combination to ensure your Hunting-Shooting Success.

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