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Rectifire makes several different choke tube styles that fit many of the same gun manufacturers. Please review the list below to find your gun manufacturer so you know which style choke tube to select. Click on the choke tube style you need in order to view the part number / information sheet for detailed information to help you in your selection. You must be registered/logged in to view this detailed information:

  • Remington Original Style Threaded Barrel – this choke fits: Akkar Altay, Akkar Karatay, Charles Daly 206, Charles Daly Newer Style Pump & Automatic, H&R Excell Auto5, Remington 870, Remington 887, Remington 1100, Remington 11-87, Remington Legacy V3
  • Mossberg Ultimag Style Threaded Barrel – this choke fits: Mossberg 835, Mossberg 935
  • Beretta/Benelli Mobil Choke Style Threaded Barrel – this choke fits: Benelli Super Black Eagle 1, Benelli Nova, Benelli Nova Pump Field, Benelli Super Nova, Benelli M-4, Benelli Legacy, Benelli Montefeltro Before 2007, Beretta 301, Beretta 302, Beretta 303, Beretta 390, Beretta Older 391, Beretta A 300 Outlander, Beretta 680 Field, Beretta 682, Charles Daly S/S Field II, Charles Daly 106, Charles Daly 306, Charles Daly 300, Charles Daly 301, Charles Daly 335, Charles Daly C6, Charles Daly 600, Charles Daly 601, Charles Daly 635, Charles Daly CA612, Stoeger 2000 Semi Auto, Stoeger P-350 Pump, Stoeger M3000, Stoeger M3500, Stoeger M3020, Stoeger M3K, Stoeger P3000, Stoeger P3500, Tristar Cobra, Tristar Raptor, Tristar Vipor G2, Tristar Phantom Field 380D, Tristar Silver Series #4687037 or Higher, BSA, Kahn Arms, CZ USA including 712 & 912, DeHaans, Franchi Affinity, Franchi Intensity, Gazelle Arms all Semi-Automatics, Hatsan, Legacy Arms Escort, Legacy Arms Pointer, Savage 512, Smith & Wesson current Version 2007, Traditions Semi Auto ALS 2100, Webley & Scott 900 Series, Zafer
  • Browning/Winchester Invector Plus Style Threaded Barrel – this choke fits: Browning Gold, Browning Silver, Browning Maxus, Browning Cynergy, Browning Citori, Browning BT-99, Browning BPS, Winchester 101, Winchester Select Energy, Winchester SX2, Winchester SX3, Winchester SX4, Winchester SXP, Winchester Supreme, Winchester Select Energy, Ithaca 37 Plus
  • Browning/Winchester Invector Style Threaded Barrel – this choke fits: Browning Pumps, Browning Semi-Automatics, Mossberg 500, Mossberg 535, Mossberg 930, Mossberg 9200, Mossberg Maverick, Stoeger Uplander, Winchester 1200, Winchester 1300, Winchester 1400, Winchester 1500, Winchester Ranger, Austen & Halleck Black Powder Shotgun, CVA, FN-SLP, H&R 1871/N.E.F., H&R Pardner Pump, H&R SB 130 Trap & Topper, Maverick 88, Miroku, New England, Pedersoli, Smith & Wesson Old Version, Thompson Center
  • Browning Invector DS Style Threaded Barrel – this choke fits: Browning: New A5
  • “AR Shotgun” Akdal Arms Match Style Threaded Barrel – this choke fits: Akdal Arms MKA 1919 Match, Uzkon Arms BR-99
  • Beretta Optima Plus Style Threaded Barrel – this choke fits: Beretta Xtrema I & II
  • Benelli Crio Plus Style Threaded Barrel – this choke fits: Benelli Cordoba Post 2006, Benelli Montefeltro Post 2006, Benelli M2, Benelli Ethos, Benelli Vinci, Benelli Super Black Eagle II & III, Benelli Ultralight, Benelli Sport II Current Production

The Rectifire extended choke tube will help to reduce recoil & slow wading down to improve pellet pattern.

Install and uninstall without any tools. Screw into barrel finger tight.

Made from 17-4 Stainless Steel. It’s still good practice to add a few drops of oil to your gun and its accessories.

Extended from Barrel = 2”
Bore size engraved on each choke.

Cerakote Finishes may take 3-4 weeks delivery.

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Rectifire’s Extended Choke Tubes are designed and manufactured in our facility with exceptional quality to our standards that will exceed all of your expectations. We have over 55 combined years of design and manufacturing expertise that will be an advantage for you when you purchase our products. All of our chokes are produced on CNC computer controlled equipment to precise tolerances that provide our customers with continued success while “on the hunt” or “competitive shooting” as well. Rectifire guarantees our customers will receive the highest quality available.

Rectifire’s Chokes are manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel with A conical-parallel internal design. All of our testing has proven this to be the superior design to date. The extended portion of our chokes have an exclusive “Rectifire” design with helical slotted ports that will retain the shot wad for better shot patterns, reduce recoil and help you “Stay-On-Target”. All Cyclone Chokes will extend 2″ out of the barrel.

All chokes are constricted based on the Basic Muzzle Bore (B-M-B) of the firearm. Rectifire offers 18 choke sizes for each of the OEM’s Choke Tube System(s) of their firearm(s). Starting at .640 thru B-M-B, and with A few exceptions, we offer the -.005 Choke (Beretta/Benelli Mobil Choke, etc.). Rectifire’s standard constriction is listed below.

.000 (CY) Cylinder
.005 (S) Skeet
.010 (IC) Improved Cylinder
.015 (LM) Light Modified
.020 (M) Modified
.025 (IM) Improved Modified
.030 (LF) Light Full
.035 (F) Full
.040 (XF) Extra Full
.045 (XXF) Double Extra Full
.050 (XXXF) Triple Extra Full
(All constrictions are specified on Rectifire’s part # page / information sheet for each choke system)

Rectifire currently offers 4 finishes for our chokes: 1. Natural, and 2. Black Oxide are stocked here at Rectifire. 3. Cerakote HT-Black, and 4. Camo may require additional processing time as these chokes may not be in stock.

The detailed information provided on the part # page / information sheet of each OEM’s choke tube system(s) will help get you started with the right choke for your hunting-shooting adventure. Rectifire has identified the best choice for our chokes based on data collected from testing our chokes in our firearms. You may get better results by changing choke size, shell load or pellet size (occasionally, it may be necessary to change firearms). Rectifire strongly suggests that you pattern your firearm with our chokes to find the best combination to ensure your hunting-shooting success. Check out some more pictures in our Gallery.
Let’s get started!

Additional information

Weight .19 lbs
Dimensions 4.06 x .69 x .69 in

Natural, Black Oxide, Cerakote HT-Black, Cerakote HT-Camo

Choke Tube Style

Remington Original Style Threaded Barrel, Mossberg Ultimag Style Threaded Barrel, Beretta/Benelli Mobil Choke Style Threaded Barrel, Browning/Winchester Invector PLUS Style Threaded Barrel, Browning/Winchester Invector Style Threaded Barrel, Browning Invector DS Threaded Barrel, "AR Shotgun" Akdal Arms Match Style Threaded Barrel, Benelli Crio Plus Style Threaded Barrel OR Beretta Optima Plus Style Threaded Barrel



Bore Size

0.64, 0.648, 0.65, 0.653, 0.655, 0.658, 0.66, 0.663, 0.665, 0.67, 0.668, 0.673, 0.675, 0.678, 0.68, 0.683, 0.685, 0.687, 0.688, 0.690, 0.692, 0.693, 0.695, 0.697, 0.698, 0.700, 0.702, 0.703, 0.705, 0.707, 0.708, 0.710, 0.712, 0.713, 0.715, 0.717, 0.718, 0.720, 0.722, 0.723, 0.725, 0.727, 0.728, 0.730, 0.732, 0.733, 0.735, 0.737, 0.740, 0.742, 0.745, 0.750, 0.755, 0.760, 0.765, 0.770, 0.775


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